Your painting failed… what now?

If a painting doesn’t “catch” ,  have the guts to paint all over it. Away with it! Although you have spent so long time to make something out of it. Don’t be satisfied with yourself. Always try to improve. It doesn’t work all the time, that ‘s the problem. Painting is struggling.

Paint it over, with a new subject. You just paint it over the older one that you painted a year ago. You can use some colors from the underpainting that gives me an extra, that you didn’t never think of.

Will  it be good enough now? You hesitate. In a few days you know probably. Take a little distance, in meters and time. If it disturbes you again,  change it untill you are satisfied for the moment.

Use at all stadia of your painting your little mirror! Your mirror gives the best judgement for your if there is nobody else at hand. I always look every 5 or 10 minutes in the mirror at my painting, to judge if directions are right, coulours are bright or  not (what I want to happen), if the atmosphere  is right. Is the focus right, are the figures right in proportion, etc. etc.

If not, I scrap it away with my paletteknife, or I put a few brushstrokes here and there, to make it work. My mirror is my mate in painting. With a mirror you look with different eyes.

Try it.

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A long, hot summer

All of us, the land and the animals, are dying for a bit of cool weather, with rain! But, the weather is different this year, it is hot and sunny! Mostly we go elsewhere to bake in the sun in a climate that is sure of that, but nowadays we need not to go elsewhere.

For a few days at the beach, it is for a painter also fun. Look at the new paintings, enough subjects to paint! F. e. this little painting, 13 x 13 cm.

Fun is to make tiny little paintings of tiny subjects. Very fast, very sober. Paint the subject, and don’t waste too much time about the surroundings. What you see on the beach these days, is little children, abandoned beachtoys or chairs, or other stuff. It need not to be a very interesting subject. The painting tells its story itself.





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Art-tour Muiden

In the weekend of 7 en 8 october 2017 we start the succesfull Art-route for the 10th time, I guess.

We change places with Muiderberg, because half of our members is from Muiden and the other half from Muiderberg. That is fun and guarantees the enthousiasm of the public.

Muiden is a lively town, that let pass the boats from the Vecht to the IJsselmeer. The sluice there is a centre of amusement, to see the struggle of married couples how to attach the lines from their boats, while you enjoy a beer or coffee at the shore.

There, at the sluice is the  Restaurant de Doelen, where I present my paintings, that you saw perhaps on facebook, and far more. If you are in Holland, come to see the high quality of art from my fellow-artists, 42 of them, in the small town where you can walk from location to location on 22 places.

Save the date! 7 en 8 october 2018.



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On this rainy day I had a strong need to paint the sunflowers that I picked in a field. They were there not as a cropfield by the way.
What van Gogh can, we can’t. But everyone has his own way to put them in a vase, paint them, and enjoy them.

It was a challenge to paint them this tiny. The whole picture is only 13 cm.! Knife and brush.


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In the atmosphere of Monet

Next week I go with a fellowpainter a few days to Zeeland, where we have an lovely place to paint.

For the first time I plan to make some garden-studies, inspired by the book I read about Monet. There is a pond, with a little bowbridge, that reminded me instantly of the bridge in the gardens of Monet, and his waterlilies. Unfortunately there are no waterlilies here, but water and reflections, and its colours inspire me al the time, so why not here?

I look forward to it. Watch my blog in a day of 10, then I must have paintings that are quite different from my usual stuff. I hope!
Try to leap into the deep, and explore things you never did before! As my teacher Berend Groen always said: it is only paint on a canvas, don’t be afraid!!

And in the end it is again always the same :

look, look, look, then shape, light and darkness, colour. So simple! 😉

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En dan nu de winnaar van de prijsvraag die ik uitschreef op Facebook en op mijn website: “Waar is dit schilderij gemaakt?”

De oplossing was: Dishoek in Zeeland.

Er waren heel veel inzendingen, waaronder ook 3 goede! En veel lieve en aardige commentaren op het schilderij, waarvoor veel dank!

Na loting is de WINNAAR geworden:

De WINNAAR is geworden: LEA ROTS-BOER uit Haarlem. Van harte gefeliciteerd, Lea! Het boek SEASCAPES 2016 komt zsm. naar je toe!!

Niet gewonnen? Het boek is ook te koop op mijn site: Boek SEASCAPES KOPEN

Of Subscribe, en ontvang gratis 4 briefkaarten!

Veel van jullie krijgen mijn maandelijkse schrijven al, maar er zijn ook veel nieuwe mensen die nu mijn maandelijkse nieuwtjes gaan krijgen. Je wordt op de hoogte gehouden van tentoonstellingen, mijn nieuwste schilderijen indien ik die nog in huis heb, de Galerie Carré d’Artistes in den Haag waar ik doorlopend exposeer, en vooral: U krijgt soms een preview van nieuwe schilderijen vóór ze naar de Galerie gaan. Voor mijn trouwe lezers zit daar vaak een korting op indien u snel beslist!

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beach in march, beachview-strandgezicht- zeegezicht-Lynden-olieverf Beach view in spring, oilpaint 80×80 cm

Beach view

The first bathers! When the sun is out and the temperature rises, the first sunbathers are to be spotted on the beach.
I made this painting with the bright colors of sunscreens and windscreens. Even the shadows are colorful by the power of the light.

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Spring! Birds oilpaintings not expensive.


Spring! this goldfinch is announcing the spring.

This week, I think , I have spring in my head! The birds sing again!

You recognise that feeling? I go out with my binoculars to spot birds, and I see lots of them, the common but also nice new ones, as bearded tit.  Seldom seen one, but now I did.

As most of you don’t know him, I didn’t paint it yet.. but who knows.
I spent my time rather to paint the more common birds, as there are sparrows (more lovely than you think), great tit, kingfisher (the king of them all) and the goldfinch. I saw everyone of them, no cheating! Kingfisher many times this year!

Nice to paint something different than my other favourite subjects like sea and beach and meadows.

look for more!

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Ankeveen iceskating-Lynden-landscape- winterlandschap Iceskating Holland, Ankeveen, oilpaintings

The most beautiful weather of the world, sunbathing freezing, enough to have a sunny day on the waters of Ankeveen. Iceskating with the whole family! Fun! the children on a sledge, behind their father, or with a simple chair to learn skating. More Dutch is not possible!

I was tempted to paint this scene. The light is beautiful warm and low, the ice purple with white. Long shadows divide the foreground.

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Iceskating in the Netherlands, oilpaintings.

Everybody is loaded nowadays with christmas wishes and happy new years.

I thought: not from me this time, although I wish everybody the best in the coming year of course!
I spent my free time making some winterpieces, for coming in the mood. If we see rain outside in january, a bit of snow and ice on the open waters and the field must do the rest.

Here a few very small ones, 13×13 cm. Very cute to frame them with a passepartout. Only € 85,-but be quick, next week they go to the Gallery!


Okay, I didn’t go outside for painting, just photographing. Although the colors you must keep in mind… the photo gives you not that..

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ws446-digging-dog-and-kites-36x36-Lynden-seascapes Free online paintinglessons

I was very busy with all my tasks and happy times, therefor too busy to blog much.

My 8 onlinelessons for free have started, only in Dutch I’m afraid, and I have lots of work to make them every week.
There are many students, so I am very happy to have started it, it makes me proud and it gives me satisfaction!

The exhibition in Galerie Carré d’Artistes in The Hague is started, that means there is a lot more to see of my work, big ones too. The selling goes very good, so be quick if you like to have one. After the two month special my work is still in the Gallery whole year round, but now there is a lot more.

Of course you can order a painting of your own particular spot, on the beach or elsewhere!

I make paintings in commission, also with a guarantee if the painting doesn’t please you ( within conditions of measurement).

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Hi! my webshop has a new look!

A new look for my webshop! I was struggling with my site, and now I hope you can all enjoy the new features, as there is: my shop with my pleinair paintings of the Dutch landscapes and seascapes etc, my blog, my events, painting-online lessons, etc. Take a look!

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Zeeland, painting on my favourite beach,

This weekend I painted on the beach in Domburg. The weather is changing all the time, from very windy and rainy to blue sky and high temperatures. Nice for painting, but I chose this time for the warm and sunny day on the beach. A painter must pamper herself now and then!

it is not bad, being a painter! 😉

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Seascapes in the Netherlands.


Seascapes never bore! There is always so much to experience when I go to the beach, whatever weather it is. This summer the weather is changing every day, sometimes it is cold, sometimes rain, or even hot. Every time it changes, I feel enthousiastic to paint what I see!

My next blogs will be about these experiences.

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De exposities in den Haag zijn een groot succes. Er wordt veel verkocht, ik werk hard om de verkopen bij te houden!

Nu ook een tentoonstelling van mijn werk van Muiderberg en omgeving in de Kerk aan zee in Muiderberg

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