Free online paintinglessons

I was very busy with all my tasks and happy times, therefor too busy to blog much.

My 8 onlinelessons for free have started, only in Dutch I’m afraid, and I have lots of work to make them every week.
There are many students, so I am very happy to have started it, it makes me proud and it gives me satisfaction!

The exhibition in Galerie Carré d’Artistes in The Hague is started, that means there is a lot more to see of my work, big ones too. The selling goes very good, so be quick if you like to have one. After the two month special my work is still in the Gallery whole year round, but now there is a lot more.

Of course you can order a painting of your own particular spot, on the beach or elsewhere!

I make paintings in commission, also with a guarantee if the painting doesn’t please you ( within conditions of measurement).

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