In the atmosphere of Monet


Next week I go with a fellowpainter a few days to Zeeland, where we have an lovely place to paint.

For the first time I plan to make some garden-studies, inspired by the book I read about Monet. There is a pond, with a little bowbridge, that reminded me instantly of the bridge in the gardens of Monet, and his waterlilies. Unfortunately there are no waterlilies here, but water and reflections, and its colours inspire me al the time, so why not here?

I look forward to it. Watch my blog in a day of 10, then I must have paintings that are quite different from my usual stuff. I hope!
Try to leap into the deep, and explore things you never did before! As my teacher Berend Groen always said: it is only paint on a canvas, don’t be afraid!!

And in the end it is again always the same :

look, look, look, then shape, light and darkness, colour. So simple! 😉


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