Your painting failed… what now?

If a painting doesn’t “catch” ,  have the guts to paint all over it. Away with it! Although you have spent so long time to make something out of it. Don’t be satisfied with yourself. Always try to improve. It doesn’t work all the time, that ‘s the problem. Painting is struggling.

Paint it over, with a new subject. You just paint it over the older one that you painted a year ago. You can use some colors from the underpainting that gives me an extra, that you didn’t never think of.

Will  it be good enough now? You hesitate. In a few days you know probably. Take a little distance, in meters and time. If it disturbes you again,  change it untill you are satisfied for the moment.

Use at all stadia of your painting your little mirror! Your mirror gives the best judgement for your if there is nobody else at hand. I always look every 5 or 10 minutes in the mirror at my painting, to judge if directions are right, coulours are bright or  not (what I want to happen), if the atmosphere  is right. Is the focus right, are the figures right in proportion, etc. etc.

If not, I scrap it away with my paletteknife, or I put a few brushstrokes here and there, to make it work. My mirror is my mate in painting. With a mirror you look with different eyes.

Try it.

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