Spring! Birds oilpaintings not expensive.


Spring! this goldfinch is announcing the spring.

This week, I think , I have spring in my head! The birds sing again!

You recognise that feeling? I go out with my binoculars to spot birds, and I see lots of them, the common but also nice new ones, as bearded tit.  Seldom seen one, but now I did.

As most of you don’t know him, I didn’t paint it yet.. but who knows.
I spent my time rather to paint the more common birds, as there are sparrows (more lovely than you think), great tit, kingfisher (the king of them all) and the goldfinch. I saw everyone of them, no cheating! Kingfisher many times this year!

Nice to paint something different than my other favourite subjects like sea and beach and meadows.

look for more!

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