I have been painting since Highschool. Since the very beginning my interests lay in the history of art and drawing. Later, I also began to paint. Back then it was more important to have a good education, enabling one to earn a decent living. So I was a secretary, and even a real estate agent fors some years , having put my art studies at The Minerva Academy in Groningen, on hold.

After several years in the work force, I was eager to take up my brushes again, and since then I have never looked back, beginning primarily with painting commissioned portraits.
I received lessons for 7 years from Berend Groen, and followed masterclasses with Sam Drukker.The recession came, so did the internet, and portraitpainters were to be found everywhere.

Katwijk-schilderend-381x500Understandably I felt somewhat restricted in my artistic freedom, by only accepting commissioned works. More recently I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to develop my own “Freer“ style in painting. More and more I am trying out landscapes, still lifes, the study of people in a loose style, not posed, but spontaneous and in differing settings.

By following masterclasses from Roos Schuring I realised once again one can always learn from others and it is never too late to learn new skills!
Plein-air is also a different environment to try out, more lively and fast, because the light changes all the time.
Watch my paintings to learn more about that.

For the last 12 years I have also been teaching painting to a group of enthusiastic, motivated students.
See also www.heleenvanlynden.nl.

We have had fantastic paintingholidays in the Vogezen (France) where I taught a group of 13 painters how to work outside. It was fun!

This year 2017, I skip for a year, but  next year (June 2018) : a plein-air painting midweek in Katwijk on the beach! Paintingmidweek

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