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Maya R.

We just got the beautiful painting of our children by the beach, what a wonderful memory and what a great pleasure to see it every day!
Thank you very much Heleen for the caring work, the nice discussion preparing for it, the development and updates, and the very beautiful result!
And also for the magic: it brings us happy memories, sunny light and sea breeze every day !
Thank you VERY MUCH, hope you come to enjoy it one day !!

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Petra Visser

Ik ben heel aardig geholpen in de galerie in Den Haag. De galerie-manager was geduldig en wist een heleboel over Heleen van Lynden en haar werk te vertellen.

We zijn erg blij met onze aankoop van het landschap!

Hartelijke groet,

Petra en Corinne

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Ruurd de Fluiter

One beautiful winter in the Netherlands and Heleen turns it into beautiful winter landscapes, with skaters, windmills, sheep and the low horizon. Really something for an emigrant in Switzerland, where winter looks very different. I am very satisfied with the group, an enrichment of the home in the mountains.

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A painting of the sea, the beach and the dunes has been our wish for many years. Now that we live so close to the sea, this wish became more and more intense. We recently bought the painting of the Wassenaarse Slag from Heleen, we came into contact with her through her website. We are very happy with it, thank you Heleen for this beautiful painting!

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Some time ago, I visited the Singer Museum in Laren. Aside from the exhibition itself, a series of self-portraits adorned the walls. One struck me in particular; it had a very specific style and use of colour. It wasn’t till half a year later that I found out it was actually Heleen’s. Her style had already made a deep impression on me then and there. Our first painting was a View over Muiderberg, overlooking the beach and harbour.  


The scene is of a late September day, where the bluest of skies are the backdrop for children playing happily in the sand. It was exactly what we described to Heleen and we were instantly taken by it. The painting often made us head out for a walk, just to see what the beach would be looking like that day. Now that we are no longer Muiderberg-inhabitants, we’ve ‘filled the void’ by acquiring another painting, a View over the Muiderberg waterline, depicting our much beloved Zeemeeuw. Her painting style made me so curious that I decided to take lessons at Heleen’s atelier. I loved it; the entire process of painting, of translating the image in your brain to paint on a canvas, is such a brilliant challenge. She always knew exactly what it was I was struggling with and showed me the next step to get through the maze. Our most recent assignment was a View of Vlieland, a gift for my parents. It holds all the elements we love so much about the island; the golden greens of the grasses along the salty shores, the ships anchoring on the shallows, the harbour and the ferry boat. My parents loved it because it tells the story we love so much. As do the other paintings we have of Heleen’s. We hope to enjoy them for years to come.  

Greetings, C. and T. v.W-de B, Nijkerk

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Hi Heleen,

Today we bought in the Gallery in the Passage of The Hague a painting from your hand, a seascape.

We didn’t know your work but we are thrilled about our purchase. We directly fell in love with it.

It hangs above the couch and is lovely.
We just wanted to let you know.

Kind regards, H.and A.

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Painting for my husband.

>>Dear Heleen,
>> The painting for my husband is great above our couch in the living.
>>I sang for my husband on the early morning on 20-1-2020 The song I made for him is called: “the light at sea”
>> The painting is magnificent, he adores it.!
>>He thinks it is so awsome that you caught our moment of happyness. >> Zo Very beautifull, Heleen, thank you!
>> Nice greetings from Woerden.


strand in Dishoek, 80×80 cm.
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2019 calendar Heleen van Lynden

Liewe Heleen,
baie, baie dankie! Ek sal jou skryf en vertel hoe sy (moeder, red.) van die kalendaar hou – ek is seker sy sal dit baie lief hê, want die strand in Durban in Suidafrika, waar sy lang gebly het, lyk baie soos op jou skilderye, en sy verlang nog altyd baie na Suidafrika … En ek weet sy hou baie van jou manier om te skilder – met so veel lig en beweging!
Liewe groete in Afrikaans :-)

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Y.T. and V.H.

Dear Heleen,

The painting has just arrived by post. We are very happy with it. The frame is also fantastic and the colors go well with the painting. We’ll hang it tomorrow!

Thanks for the beautiful painting and frame and of course the fast service! Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again.

Kind regards, Y.T and V.H

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Gift for my son

‘Heleen van Lynden, the artist who made this piece, is a niece of mine. I visited the Gallery  to see her collection. This piece of work is a present for my son. He is fond of kiteserfing, and I think it is very special to give him as a present an artpiece from a familymember.”

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Inge d J

Hi Heleen,

Last week my daughter visited me in Dubai and got for her birthday the small painting that I purchased before in the Hague. She was so happy with it!

The little painting you hold for me behind, is for my other daughter. She gets it next year for her birthday. I look forward already to her reaction!

Soon as I am in the Netherlands, I hope to meet so that I can collect the painting. Thanks that you will hold it apart.

And have fun in painting!

Kindest regards, Inge d J.