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Too late! for a happy new yearswish.

Everybody is loaded nowadays with Christmas wishes and happy new years.

I thought: not from me this time, although I wish everybody the best in the coming year of course!
I spent my free time making winter pieces, for coming in the mood. If we see rain outside in January, a bit of snow and ice on the open waters and the field must do the rest.

Okay, I didn’t go outside for painting, just photographing. Although the colors you must keep in mind… the photo gives you not that..

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Calendar 2017 NEW!

Here is my new Calendar 2017! I am proud to present this new item in the shop. (Art items)

There is only a limited edition, so be fast and buy one before they are sold out.

AR005-calender-2017 van Lynden-seascapes

Now is your chance to buy a some of my work for little money, every month a new piece.

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My favourite Zeeland

This weekend I painted on the beach in Domburg. The weather is changing all the time, from very windy and rainy to blue sky and high temperatures. Nice for painting, but I chose this time for the warm and sunny day on the beach. A painter must pamper herself now and then!

It is not bad being a painter ;)