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The last few years Heleen is to be found very often at the beaches of the Netherlands.The coasts of Zeeland, Zuidholland and Noordholland are very different, in the light of the different seasons, time of day, type of weather. The places differ however the Netherlands is such a small country. I am never bored painting it!


How could I see the landscape in the netherlands ever as boring?When I worked most of the time as a portaitpainter for 20 years, I may not have an eye for it. One sees when one learns to look. Looking is focusing. I did this with my portraitwork, but now I see the colourful meadows, with cattle or just trees, or a single tree in the landscape.The skies are never the same: I see them only for a few years, and fall in love with them.Even when driving on the highway I am distracted by the skies…


Muiderberg, the place where I lived the last 20 years of my life, and where I like to grow old.The beach of the former Zuiderzee, now Ijsselmeer, the reedlands, the small forests, and theNaardermeer with its wetlands are an endless inspiration and pleasure.We are privileged to live in this environment. This is translated in my paintings.